After working in the Beauty Industry for 10 years, I will be the first to admit: choosing which brand to get certified in is a minefield. You know what you want to achieve but there are so many brands to choose from. When choosing to focus on my lash extension career I wanted to retrain in a brand with a good reputation that offered continued support to their certified stylists. The products also needed to be of high quality and one of a kind. What’s the point mixing with the crowd when you can stand out and offer a service like no other?

I had used a few brands of extensions previously and they were not  providing me or my clients with the results I was after.  So after researching a variety of brands pros and cons including reviews from not only professionals but clients as well, I found NovaLash.  The next step for me was to try them out, after all I didn’t want to invest in a new brand if I hadn’t tried them out myself. This time round my research was going to be thorough.

The Verdict…. I had made my decision …. NOVALASH Eyelash Extensions. Their reputation is based on their high quality products and their continued support from Day 1 with certifying stylists.

To become certified you must take a classic class first. At the class they teach a technique to ensure the health of the natural lashes are not compromised. You can take an advanced volume class, with more advanced products after 6 months of working with classic lashes. However as I was already certified with a previous brand after sending off my work they said I could go straight onto the American Volume Class.  From Day 1 I was hooked – not once was I rushed and I was able to learn continually after the practical lesson. Those that think you can learn everything in a day are wrong – There is so much information out there about eyelash extensions in general but then there is the brand specific knowledge that you also need to know. My Trainer gave me the overview of information and mainly focused on the practical part which was what we were there for. What I loved was that she corrected any bad techniques she saw and really stressed the importance of sanitation. After the class I had so many questions especially once I was able to practise on clients for case studies. Everytime I emailed my trainer I would get a detailed response, there was so much support. Any time I reached out to her I always got a fast response and the information I needed to grow my knowledge and develop my skills.  By having a professional account with NovaLash I was able to ring them as well however im not a great talker on the phone, so the fact there were so many other options worked out perfectly for me. There was so much encouragement and not once was I ever made to feel I was taking up too much of their time.  They were there to support me on my journey and encourage me to progress in my lash career.

The fact that NovaLash actually care about the health & safety of their products was a game changer for me. Ever had extensions and have been told NO oil products around eyes EVER and to wait 24 hours to even shower? Well NovaLash is the opposite … they encourage you to use oil based products and you can shower right after your appointment! My clients come to me and run home because guess what … The lashes are Sweatproof as well.  Every product Novalash provides is latex free and pregnancy safe. If you are a lash fanatic and love the mink look, they have a Minx line that is cruelty free, hypoallergenic and mimics the mink look. What I love most of all are the NovaLash adhesives.  They are all FDA approved and ISO-10993 certified so I know I am using the safest adhesive I could possible use.  They also offer a whole range of aftercare products which help clients to ensure they are looking after the lashes in between maintenance appointments. Did I mention they even offer eye makeup products that are waterproof and smudge proof!!!

Just remember when researching NovaLash you will see bad reviews just like with any company. Two things you need to keep in mind while reading these: You will see the usual competition bad posts promoting people to try other brands. It is very common within the Beauty Industry as companies want you to want their products instead.

You may also see some people saying they had issues from the eyelash extensions, which is possible. BUT that is not actually NovaLash that is the issue – 99% of the time it falls on the Lash Artist. The Lash Artist may have not followed their technique or sanitation rules which causes most of those issues. To be listed on the NovaLash website they make you do a lot of work to prove you are not going to break their methods which causes the issues stated in bad reviews.

So firstly as an Eyelash Artist are you able to answer any important questions your clientele may have? Secondly as a client make sure you are comfortable and trust the brand your Lash Artist is using around the eye area.