Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

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How do I decide if PMU Brows are for me?

PMU (Permanent Makeup) brows are a cosmetic procedure where pigment is implanted into the skin to enhance your eyebrows’ appearance. This technique gives you effortlessly beautiful brows every day!

The procedure begins with a complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute consultation with Madi. During this session, Madi will walk you through the entire process and draw on your brows, allowing you to visualise the final look.

If you choose to proceed, you will schedule a 2-3 hour appointment for the actual treatment. Additionally, you will receive a complimentary touch-up between 4-12 weeks after the initial session.

Which PMU Brow Technique is for you?

Not sure which technique is right for you? Let’s break down the options:

1.Hairstrokes/Nano-brows:  Two different names, same beautiful result. These are the most natural PMU brows. Using a machine we create individual hairstrokes to mimic brow hairs, these can blend in seamlessly with existing hair or can be used for a soft and subtle finish to those with less hair.

2. Powder Brows (Ombre Brows): Achieve a soft, filled-in effect with a gradient finish. Ideal for those who love a polished, makeup look

3. Combo Brows (Hybrid Brows): Get the best of both worlds with hair strokes in the front and shading at the tails. Perfect for a natural yet defined appearance!

Each technique offers unique benefits tailored to your desired look. However you can book your free of charge non obligatory consultation with Madi to find the perfect match for your brow goals!

Pre Treatment Advice

Proper preparation is crucial for achieving the best results and ensuring a smooth procedure. Here are some pre-treatment advice steps to follow:

4 Weeks Before Appointment

  • No laser treatments
  • No fillers or Botox
  • No chemical peels

7 Days Before Appointment

  • Avoid sunburn from outdoor sunlight and indoor sunbeds
  • Do not do any hair removal treatments, including plucking and waxing (to allow skin to heal)
  • Do not use anti-aging or acne creams (including Retin-A/Retinol)
  • Do not use any serums with acids

48 Hours Before Appointment

  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Ibuprofen, or omega-3 unless medically necessary (Tylenol or Acetaminophen is fine)

24 Hours Before Appointment

  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Do not drink caffeine

Please note – do not stop taking any prescribed medication without talking to your GP or Consultant first

What to expect from your typical brow healing journey

Day 1: OMG! Im in love with my new brows. Thank you!

Days 2 – 4: I don’t like this colour, its too dark!

Days 5 – 7: Oh no!! My brows are scabbing and falling off!

Days 8 – 10: Ummmmm…. my brows are gone. Why did i pay all this money?!?

Days 14 – 28: Sweet! My brows are coming back! Still looking a little patchy and uneven though…

After top up: They are back… I love them!!!

Important Aftercare Points

Careful attention needs to be taken when caring for your SMPU post procedure. Within the next 3 days your procedure will lightly scab over then flake off. Do not pick or pull at the treated area and only use aftercare creams provided. Please ensure that you only apply a fine film of ointment. It will take 24 hours for the area to create a protective barrier.

Your procedure will take three phases

1) Heal

2) Peel

3) Fade

Remember with all SMPU procedures the colour will fade down by 50-60% during the healing process, your final colour result will take 28 days so please be patient!

A retouch cannot in any circumstances take place until 28 days as scarring may occur.

Do not apply make up over the area for up to 7 days post treatment.

If aftercare is not followed procedures will not heal correctly and results will be poor.

The Red Cross advise not to give blood for 6 months following a SPMU procedure. Do not have any form of laser in the direct area of SPMU, the pigment will alter due to titanium dioxide in the pigment.

For MRI scans inform the operator of your SPMU procedure you may feel a slight tingling sensation in the area. SPMU shows as an artefact through these scanners.

Ensure the procedure is healed before considering Botox or collagen fillers in the direct area.

Please DO NOT sunbathe or use sunbeds during the healing process.


What are Permanent Make up Brows

Permanent Makeup (PMU) Brows is cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows. Using techniques such as hairstrokes, shading, or a combination of both, our brow specialist is able to create natural-looking brows that complement your facial features. The procedure involves depositing pigment into the skin with a fine needle, mimicking the look of natural brow hairs or providing a fuller, more defined shape. PMU Brows save time on daily makeup routines and offer a long-lasting solution for sparse, uneven, or over-plucked brows. With proper care, results can last from one to three years.


Price List

Free Consultation (To discuss in depth about the procedure, what to expect and have your brows drawn on so that your able to visualise the end result should you wish to go ahead and book)

PMU Eyebrows (including a FREE top up at 4-12 weeks)

  • £225

PMU Eyebrows 6 Month Retouch

  • £125

PMU Eyebrows 9 Month Retouch

  • £150

PMU Eyebrows 12 Month Retouch

  • £170

PMU Eyebrows 18 Month Retouch

  • £200

 PLEASE NOTE – The retouch prices are only applicable if the original treatment was performed at our salon

Looking after your PMU Eyebrows

Unless advised otherwise please leave your brows to dry heal for the first day. After this time please apply a VERY fine film of aftercare ointment with a clean finger once per day for up to a week. Keep your brows dry for a full 7 days and ensure no creams, soaps, make-up or cleansers touch the treated area for 7 days.

Do not pick or pull at the treated area, swelling may appear in the next 24 hours but will be minimal.

After your first session it is likely that you will have fading and some patchiness. In between appointments it is fine for you to use your brow powder or pencil to hide any patchy areas if you feel the need however please ensure that you wait until all scabs have fallen off before applying any make up to avoid infection.

Remember your brows will be a lot darker after the initial treatment and will fade by 50-60% once healed. If there are any patchy areas after your initial treatment please do not worry, your brows will be retouched at your free touch up appointment 4-12 weeks after the initial procedure.