Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

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What is Advanced Cosmetic Procedures?

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures is also known as Advanced Electrolysis to treat unwanted skin blemishes such as warts,  skin tags and growths on the skin. 

There are now over 21 different types of blemishes that can be treated safely and effectively with Advanced Electrolysis without the need for surgery and very little recovery time.

What blemishes can be treated?

Advanced Electrolysis can be used very effectively for the following situations:
• Age Spots (liver or sunspots)
• Campbell De Morgan (blood spots)
• Cysts
• Dermatosis Papua Nigra (black skin types)
• Milia
• Moles
• Sebaceous Cysts
• Seborrhoeic Warts
• Skin Tags
• Spider Naevi
• Syringomas
• Telangiectasia
• Thread Veins (broken capillaries)
• Warts
• Xanthelasma (yellow/whitish raised areas round the eye)
• Verruca’s
• Sebaceous Hyperplasia
• Hairs in moles

Please note that not all skin lesions can be succesfully removed. We will recommend the best method for treatment during the consultation phase. Some blemishes may require a written GP letter of consent.

How many treatments are needed?

We recommend that a month after treatment, a follow up consultation is arranged to assess the skin, ensure you are completely happy and take an after photograph if appropriate to compare.

Please be aware that some blemishes may need more than one treatment

The treated blemish will not return, but others may occur depending on the root cause.

Does it hurt? Is there any downtime?

Most treatments offer instantaneous results. The length of treatment depends on the blemish, your skin specialist will advise you of this during your initial consultation, although, it’s difficult to state a definitive time.

Please note that there is a healing stage up to 4 weeks which may include scabing on the treated area. 

There can be some discomfort which is why we recommend visiting your local pharmacy and purchasing a topical anaesthetic cream such as EMLA.

Price list

Consultation – FREE

Patch Test (if needed) – £25

1-2 Age Spots – £55

3-10 Age Spots – £110

1-2 Blood Spots – £55

3-30 Blood Spots – £110

1-2 Skin Tags – £55

3-30 Skin Tags – £110

Broken Capillaires on the Face – £55

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra – £110

Hairs in Moles – £55

Multiple Milia – From £55

Mole Reduction – from £55

Molluscum Contagiosum – from £110

Sebaceous Cysts – £110

Sebaceous Hyperplasia – £110

Spider Veins – from £55

Syringoma – from £110

Verucca Removal – £110

Wart Removal – £110

Xanthoma – £110

Before Care 

You must have your treatment at least 4 weeks before going on holiday. The total healing process takes 4-6 weeks and sun/sea/salt may hinder this.

We recommend that you purchase a topical anaesthetic (Emla cream) from your local pharmacy. This will need to be applied and left on the area an hour before and covered with a plastic/clingfilm.


To get the most from your treatment we advise you follow our guided aftercare.

  • No hot baths shower or other heat treatments 24 hrs before or after treatment
  • Use recommended aftercare twice a day for two weeks
  • No exercise that causes sweating for up to 48 hours after treatment
  • No make up until healed or only after a barrier crème from 48 hrs post treatment
  • Avoid touching area
  • Do not pick area or rub the area
  • Avoid heat and sun exposure for 2 weeks post thread vein treatment and until fully healed for blemish removal treatment
  • Always use SPF20+, regardless of weather
  • Refrain from using perfumed products on the treatment area
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing on the treatment area
  • Report any scabbing or pustular infection to the salon. Do not pick or rub the skin as this may cause scarring