Why Choose us?

“Having polycystic ovaries, my biggest embarrassment was the hair on my chin and my neck, I was sick of waxing every other day and wearing a scarf to cover it. I contacted the team at b-unique and they were amazing. I started my laser hair removal journey, and now I don’t wear a scarf, don’t have to shave or wax. The team are amazing and made me really comfortable and I didn’t feel embarrassed on my appointments or to start my journey. It really has changed my life I would highly recommend. Thank you so much”

– Charlene.K, June 2023

 Dedicated to the craft of beauty in all aspects

We provide a unique all inclusive guest experience that immediately makes you feel welcome, confident, and comfortable. Within our award winning salon you can escape into a serene world and experience all aspects of Beauty and Holistic Therapies for well being. With 3 double treatment rooms, 1 single treatment room, nail bar, large welcoming reception and our very own ‘Soul Sanctuary’ we are here to provide you the best service possible.

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re not “budget”. As experts in our field, you will only ever receive a quality, professionally delivered treatment.
  • A Multi-award winning salon winning over 20 awards within the past 3 years.
  • As an all-inclusive establishment, we prioritize accessibility for individuals with disabilities, offering features such as disabled access, wheelchair-friendly facilities, and a designated disabled toilet.
  • To accommodate those seeking a more tranquil and personalized experience, we proudly present ‘The Soul Sanctuary,’ providing a serene space for clients dealing with social anxiety, allowing them to enjoy our services without entering the bustling main area of the salon.
  • We provide quality and expertise. Therefore we offer you the protection of a repeat of your treatment, should you not be satisfied.
  • Our equipment is modern, always clean and sterilised after each use. Your treatment room will be immaculate.
  • Our therapists are all employed and come under the B-unique Umbrella, therefore undertake monthly training to ensure they are aware of, and using, the most up-to-date methods and products available to the highest of standards.
  • We only ever offer professional advice that will give you results. This means we will never sell you a product we don’t believe will make a difference for you.
  • Your treatment will always be performed to the same high standard each and every time regardless of whether you are our first client for the day or our last. You will never be rushed out the door as we always allow extra time to spend with you after treatments.
  • We have been consistently recognised by numerous awarding companies within the Beauty Industry.  Our awards include –

2019 – Jamie-lee First Place in The Lash Championships

2020 – Jamie-Lee won ‘Lash Extension Specialist of the Year’ by KBH

2021 – Jamie-Lee placed top 50 in the UK for ‘HBA Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ‘Lash Stylist of the Year’

2021 – We placed top 50 in the UK for ‘HBA Best New Salon’

2021 – Winners of ‘Best New Business’ and Jamie-Lee won ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ by the British Hair and Beauty Awards

2021 – Holly was a finalist for ‘Apprentice of the Year’, Mariah was a finalist for ‘Brow Artist of the Year’ and Gemma was a finalist for ‘Nail Technician of the Year’ by HBA

2021 – Winner for ‘Salon of the Year’ by World Lash University and Jamie Lee was a finalist for ‘Business Person of the Year’

2021 – Winner for ‘Beauty Salon of the Year’ in the South West by The Great British Hair and Beauty Awards

2022 – Finalists for ‘Employer of the Year’, ‘Best New Business’, ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ‘Best Workplace Environment’ and Holly for ‘Beauty Therapist of the Year’ by The British Hair and Beauty Awards

2022 – Placed Bronze for ‘Excellence in Customer Service’

2022 – Winner for ‘Best Salon of the Year’ in the South West by the Great British Hair and Beauty Awards

2022 – Winner of ‘Beauty Salon of the Year’, Placed Bronze for ‘Excellence in Customer Service’, Mariah placed Bronze for ‘Brow Specialist of the Year’ by The British Hair and Beauty Awards

2022 – Finalist for ‘Best Salon for Holistic and Alternative Therapies’ by Beauty Salon Awards

2023- Winner of ‘Entrepreneur of the Year in the South West’, Placed 11th ‘Lash Stylist of the Year in the South West’, Placed 13th ‘Best New Salon in the South West’ by The HBA Awards