Nail Treatments

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Treat your nails

Why not treat your nails to the pampering they deserve with our range of manicure, pedicure and nail treatments.

After you leave the salon, your nails need some TLC to stay in tip top condition. This is where we advise to treat your nails like jewels NOT tools.

When caring for your nails remember to be mindful, use gloves, do not not pick and use cuticle oil daily.

Fungal or Bacterial infections can prevent a nail treatment from going ahead. Your therapist will refer you to your GP if an infection is suspected.


Acrylic/Hard Gel Extensions – £60
Acrylic/Hard Gel Overlays – £55
Acrylic/Hard Gel Infills – £50
Acrylic/Gel Nail Repair – £7
Acrylic/Gel Removal – £20

BIAB overlays Full Set including gel polish (builder in a bottle) – £50
BIAB infills including gel polish (builder in a bottle) – £45

Gel Polish Manicure/Pedicure – £33.50
Gel Polish Manicure/Pedicure with Nail Art – £38.50
Gel Polish Removal – £15
UPGRADE to a luxury pedicure/manicure for just £15 – Includes foot spa, exfoliation, foot file, mask and massage.
ADD a callus peel to any pedicure treatment for £22.50

IBX Treatment – £15
FootLogix Callus Peel – £25
FootLogix Medi Pedicure – £42.50
(The Footlogix pedicure is much more comprehensive than your average pedicure. It involves a 10-step process that focuses on treating a variety of foot and nail ailments. From eliminating calluses, dryness and fungal infections, to addressing more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes or other health conditions. This can be followed up with a gel polish treatment for an additional £30 which can be booked separately)