My Skin and Me

The Solution to your skin has finally been created!

Course Content

  • Are you fed up with how your skin looks?
  • Do you have a skin complaint that never seems to get better?
  • Have you tried numerous ways to transform your skin?
  • Does nothing ever seem to work?

If your answer is yes to these, then you’re in the right place because we have devised a programme that can transform your skin in as little as 3 months.

The ‘My Skin and Me’ Program aims to not only transform your skin but focuses on your health and well-being. In this two stage program we combine up to 6 different methods working without outside professionals in order to create a skin transformation like no other.


However before embarking on your journey with us, we must cover the basics in the first stage of our program so we aim to provide you with the following:

  • A downloadable booklet written by ourselves which enables you to learn a skincare routine catered for your specific skin type. We also look deeper into your skin and give you insight into why previous methods you have used may not have been successful.
  • An in depth one to one 90 minute skincare consultation at our salon. Here is where we look into every aspect of YOU! We dig deep and help you to understand why your skin maybe struggling and what you and our specialists can do to help.
  • A bespoke plan catered to your skin devised by one of our skincare specialists.

Why is this different to any other skin solution?
Our Program is designed with you in mind. We do not just focus on skincare treatments, we go much deeper and work with 3 other specialists in their field to ensure you embark on a journey of using up to 6 different methods with outside professionals to create that transformation you have been craving for. All we need from you is commitment, we do the rest!!

What if I decide I do not want to progress onto stage 2 of the program?
You are under no obligation to progress onto stage 2 of the program. We hope to help as many of you as possible and bring you incredible life changing results, but if you feel the next stage of the program isn’t for you then we completely understand. After completing stage 1 of the program you will still come away with a much better understanding of how to help your skin.


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My skin and me course

See what our clients have to say

I’ve been struggling with skin issues since I was about 13 (I’m now 31) and as long as I can remember I have never in my life had a good skin day where I’ve been completely comfortable in my own skin! It affected my life in every aspect and knocked my confidence so much I became a recluse! I had been to every drs, dermatologist, other beauticians with no results and had quite frankly given up! I met Jamie-lee nearly three years ago when she became my eyelash and nail technician, I opened up to her about how low my skin issues were making me feel and how it was affecting my mental health in such a big way and she promised to help and take on the challenge! I am now so pleased to say that I put my trust in her and went on this skin journey with her, because not only has she transformed my skin but she has transformed my life! This process has been life changing for me and I can not recommend Jamie- lee highly enough! The treatments she provides and and the skin routines shes teaches are second to none! I’m still on my skin journey with Jamie-lee but I am now pleased to say that I have ‘ good skin days ‘ a phrase I never thought I would use!

Jess Collett, April 2021

Putting on that false smile for the world to see when secretly I was falling apart inside had become part of my personality. Stuck in a rut, I was depressive, exhausted and slobbish. Not taking care of myself was just the surface. Life was a haze and I hated myself inside and out and unknowingly allowed most things to absorb me. Funny how I was able to hide it from the world so well, apart from one, Jamie. Slowly she approached conversations around self love and how she could see me aching inside. On soft advice I took a leap to indulge in a tailor made package to help heal me from the inside out. I didn’t understand at the time how important it would be for me back then but so glad I took the offer up. I was being built back up from the inside out. Over time I noticed changes in my appearance, body shape, mental state, complexion, my gut health … the list is endless. I started to look back at myself in the mirror with positivity, a can do attitude and a sense of ‘go get them’. Looking back I was digging an early grave but moving forwards, I now have the skill set and confidence to recognise if I feel wobblily negative feelings and I can stop it. I look in the mirror to see a younger, smooth skinned lady smiling back at me. A lady who has found happiness again

Elisha Harrod, April 2021