Having a good skincare routine can change your skin for the better by using the right products it can make your skin glowing and in the best condition you want it to be!

Why is having a good skin care routine so important?

Here’s why…

  1. Your skin sheds itself everyday- did you know your skin sheds every minute of the day? This means the healthy skin you have today will shed tomorrow and it could become more dull. A great way to help the removal of dead skin on the face is our thermal detox peel as it is a deep cleansing treatment and will exfoliate and oxygenate the skin removing impurities and oil from the skin.
  2. All skin types are different – not one person on the earth has the same skin as you, everybody’s skin type is different. Because of this your skin may require more care than the next person. In the salon we offer a skin consultation where we analyse your skin and can offer you the best treatments for your skin or even a at home skincare kit suitable for your skin.
  3. Prevention is easier and cheaper – preventing any skint problems you have now is a lot easier than trying to fix the issue in the future. This means getting yourself into a daily skincare routine now as it will take less time seeing a dermatologist later on in the future.
  4. Beautiful skin takes time – you won’t achieve youthful looking skin over night (we could only dream). Your skin needs time and the consistent care to give it the nourishment for it to be looking it’s very best. Consistency and patience is key!
  5. It can provide stability in your mental health – skincare routines make you feel good and act as a comfort in your life. Being locked inside for so long this can bring a routine back into your life and make you feel like you’ve accomplished something.
  6. When you look good….you feel good – clean and clear skin is a real big confidence booster and keeps you looking and feeling your best! Your face is the first part of you that others see so why wouldn’t you want to look after it and have the best face you’ve ever had!

To get started: 

You only need to start with the basics it doesn’t have to be super complicated. It only has to be a few products: a cleanser, a toner, an exfoliant, a moisturiser and an SPF. All of these products can be found in the Nimue starter kits all in one place which are sold at the salon.

Consistency is key, what’s stopping you getting that beautiful skin you well and truly deserve!

By Holly xx