Working in the Beauty Industry is a great way of helping others and making a big difference to their lives. Whether your new to Beauty Treatments or been having them done for years, 2020 has shown us these treatments can have a huge impact on the state of our mental health – in a good way of course.

Now more than ever, it is important to support our local communities and continue to provide treatments to as many people as possible.  As part of such a large community we understand how difficult it is to get beauty treatments when you have young children.

Let me take you back to my days as a single mother, 2 children 14 months apart – getting my nails done and both are screaming. The Nail Technician is sat there trying to be as nice as possible but I can see she is stressed and my children are causing absolute mayhem.  Was this good for my mental health? Probably not as I can honestly say I was more stressed when I came out than when I went in (thanks to my delightful children).

Now let me take you to a new scenario, a parent using B-unique and Aesthetics drops their child off at B-U Kids for FREE – Yep that’s right, no payment needed. Their children are cared for by a highly qualified, experienced, DBS and First Aid Qualified professional. Meanwhile the was stressed parent is having a relaxing treatment next door, talking to their beauty therapist and already feeling more like themselves again.

I have lived the first scenario and trust me as I’m sure you are aware – its not fun!! This is what gave me the idea to bring both of my careers together and create a unique experience to support the local community and parents in need of some ‘Me’ time.  So next time you are sat their desperately wishing for 1-4 hours to yourself just remember we are here to support you.

Furthermore we are able to support those that wish to go off site and leave their children in the creche for up to 2 hours!