Are you suffering from snowball syndrome? (Ok this isn’t a medical term but it’s a term we use within the salon and here’s why)

Maybe this resonates with you

You book yourself in at a salon and had one of their advanced facials which is bespoke to your specific skin complaints. You leave feeling relaxed, your skin is glowing and you finally feel you have found a facial that truly gives you the results you desire.


Two weeks later you look back in the mirror and question why you haven’t got that glow anymore? Your skin maybe dulling and your original skin complaint is back with a vengeance, maybe your feeling stressed and lethargic and fed up thinking you finally found a solution to your skin but nope …. Time to keep looking!! Another high followed by a disappointing low… but we have found the reason behind this vicious circle and are here to help you break it.

There is a lot more to skin than meets the eye – our skin is a complex and multifaceted organ that serves many important functions in our body. Our skin is able to communicate our emotional and physical state through its appearance and therefore without the help from a skincare specialist you may struggle to find what could be causing your common skin complaint.

If you would like to discuss what we can offer you as part of our transformational programme then book a 90 minute in depth ‘My skin and me’ consultation as we truly believe that we are able to offer you a solution like no other. No more wasting money on products and various facials hoping for a difference, this time we are your difference!!