Expectation You get one facial and all your skin problems disappear… Reality You will need a skin consultation to discuss your concerns about your skin and be given the best advice. You will then need to be put on the right skincare range suited for you and devised a programme of facials which will help benefit your skin.

Expectation You can apply SPF in the morning and you’re protected throughout the whole day. Reality You need to keep topping it up during the day especially during the summer months because sweat or water may rub the SPF off.

Expectation New skincare products will make your skin glow after one day. Reality This may be the case however your skin needs to get used to your new skincare products so you may breakout however this is completely normal. Your skin take takes an average of 28 to 42 days to renew and the older we are the longer it may take. This means your skin is going to take time to get used to new products.

Expectation A hydrating moisturiser will help my dry skin. Reality Yes this will help for the mean time… But not the long run. You need to be sorting out what you’re putting inside your body first for example drinking your 2 litres of water a day. By drinking 2 litres of water per day for 2 weeks you will start to see a natural glow to your skin.