You need to keep your skin as healthy as it can be meaning you need to be careful what you’re putting on your skin and what’s going inside your body. Your skin plays such an important role in protecting your body so its important to look after it and your body.

Here are 5 tips into keeping your skin and body in the best condition:

Manage your stress – yes this is important!!

Keeping your stress controlled will benefit you and your skin however uncontrolled stress can cause you to have breakouts and other skin problems like sensitivity. Getting enough sleep and making time for yourself will help you to start seeing improvements in your skin and your state of mind.

Protect your skin from the sun:

Did you know a lifetime of sun exposure causes wrinkles, age spots and more severe problems like increasing your risk of skin cancer. You need to be making sure you’re wearing at least an spf40 everyday and to be using a generous amount. Most products will contain an SPF however you want full protection so using a separate SPF under any product will keep you fully protected.

Treat your skin with the right products… Not just random products:

In the salon we offer a free 15 minute consultation with our skincare specialist who can give you the best advice on what skincare products and treatments are best for you. The skincare brand we use within the salon is Nimue which is well known for its expert understanding, innovative formulations and strength of active ingredients.

Stop Smoking… Yes it’s easier said than done:

Smoking contributes to your skin ageing FAST. Smoking will damage the elastin and collagen in your skin which are the fibres that give our skin strength. Did you know a smokers life expectancy is 10 years less than a non smokers showing smoking effects your overall health conditions.

Eat a healthy diet and take your vitamins:

You can look and feel your best if you eat your 5 a day and take your daily supplements. Drinking plenty of water no matter what your skin type will keep your skin hydrated and help you keep your youthful looking skin.