The real reason why I offer IPL permanent hair removal is because I have been there with unwanted facial hair.  I suffered from hirsutism from a teenager and although blood tests were given and scans on my ovaries at numerous stages in my life, they never showed a big enough hormonal imbalance to diagnose me for PCOS (polycystic ovaries).  Everytime I was sent away with the same answer ‘You have cysts on your ovaries but as your blood tests do not show an imbalance of hormones we cannot diagnose you’.  Im sure as your reading this many of you can relate …. I did get prescribed Vaniqua which is a cream that slows down the growth of the hair however it does not remove it so your still in exactly the same situation, as soon as you stop using it the speed of growth returns.

As the years went by I was lucky enough to have 3 children, however due to the changes in hormones through pregnancy and the contraceptive pill between pregnancies I ended up with a large amount of thick, dark hair on my face, arms and stomach line that it started to destroy my self confidence. No matter how often I plucked or even trimmed, I had this dark shadow of unwanted hair.  I hid it from my husband, friends and often used my hand to cover my face if anyone came close to me.  That’s when I decided enough was enough and started looking into PERMANENT hair reduction!!

Please note the picture below is not myself, but one of our clients.

The Beginning

Starting the journey is a daunting process and I had so many questions to ask.  The main question I wanted to know is does IPL permanent hair reduction hurt? I always explain to my clients that it almost feels like an elastic band flicking against the skin but should never be unbearable. Secondly I wanted to know how effective it would be? My main advice when starting to look into the process is research into the machinery that is used at your ideal chosen clinic.  How much research has gone into that machinery, have they won awards as a manufacturer, is the machinery medical grade, do you need to let the hair grow before your appointment or is the machinery so powerful that the hair can be trimmed/shaved the day before your appointment? More often than not I hear people say they have tried IPL permanent hair reduction before and were not happy with the results – this not only leads to disappointment but to feeling like you have wasted a large amount of money. Therefore make sure that you do your research and you know you are getting the best service possible.

Please note the picture below is not myself, but one of our clients.

The Journey

Now here comes the fun part…. I had the consultation, Im a good candidate so time to start my IPL Permanent Hair Reduction journey for RESULTS that last.  The results aren’t instant but you have to trust the process. As the hair was on my face it was one treatment every 4 weeks and shaving the area only which was a big change as I was so used to plucking.  To begin with I started panicking during the first 8 weeks as there seemed to be more hair than there was to start off with.  This is completely normal if you were a previous plucker due to all the hair now growing at the same rate.  I recommend to start your first treatment at least 4 weeks since you last plucked as this ensures that you are getting the best and most accurate results. It is always a minimum of 6 sessions to achieve permanent hair reduction however no person is the same, some people may need 6 sessions, some people may need 10.  One thing I did know is that I was determined to get rid of the tweezers, get  got knows how many hours back of my life instead of wasting it plucking and to finally not have to feel so self conscious.

Please note the picture below is not myself, but one of our clients.

The Ending

The results are in …. After 10 months I was hair free!! No more plucking, no more shaving, no more hiding my face and no more feeling so self conscious that I don’t want to go out the house. It was a long process and at times I felt like it wasn’t getting any better and led me to believe I was wasting my time and money.  However I cannot say it enough – ‘Trust the process’ and you will get there. I was lucky enough to get full hair removal but again this cannot be guaranteed for every candidate. One thing I did learn and have found with all my clientele – the paler the skin and darker the hair, the better the results.

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