Happy World Mental Health Day!
Acknowledging this day is very important for all of us here at the salon. In one way or another, we have all suffered with mental health in the past and have all dealt with it differently. There is no right or wrong way to confront your feelings, however injecting positivity into your everyday and allowing yourself to enjoy the present moment is so important. Surrounding yourself with positive people can make a huge difference as well. It is surprising how much a positive influence can have on your general well being and how much of an impact it has on your mental health. Positivity breeds positivity.
Many of us also forget just how important it is to look after our mental health and well being, and self care is often pushed to the bottom of the priority pile. But, if these last 2 years during the pandemic have taught us anything, its that we should always make time to put ourselves first. Self care isn’t always having an uninterrupted bath with a candle lit or popping into the salon for a massage or a facial. It can also be opening up and talking about how we are feeling, and this is so important, however not always easy.
Everyone, at some stage in their life, will suffer from mental health problems and we are not ashamed to say that we do too. All the girls here at the salon have come together with a little list of things that we find really help us personally and we hope you find them useful too!
– Talking Therapies/ Counselling
– Staying active or exercising
– Take time to do something you love like a hobby
– Journaling
– Meditation
– Colouring books for adults
Please don’t ever feel that you are alone or that you cannot open up to someone. We are always here for support and if you don’t feel comfortable opening up to someone face to face, then below are some helpline contact details where you can talk completely anonymously without judgment over the phone, free of charge.
We hope this has helped at least one person today. Don’t forget to smile 🙂
Love the Girls at B-Unique x
FREE to call UK/Ireland
24 hour line
0300 123 3393 Call
86463 Text
0300 5000 927
Lines open 9:30am – 4pm Mon-Fri
CALM – Campaign against living miserably
0800 58 58 58
Lines open 5pm-12am Everyday