We all know something about beauty, even those who think they are clueless. But… How much of what we know is really true?

Myth 1 – Shaving causes hair to come back darker, thicker and faster.


Shaving absolutely does not cause hair to come back any darker or thicker or faster. Hair may appear to come back faster, thicker or darker because when we shave we are cutting the hairs at a blunt angle, mid shaft. Like if you snap an uncooked spaghetti, it will be shorter but just as thick and the same colour!

Myth 2 – Chemicals are bad for the skin.


All cosmetics, skincare, body care etc contain chemicals, even the natural ones! Whilst some chemicals can be damaging to the skin, anything that has been specifically formulated for its purpose would be perfectly safe to use according to the instructions on the packaging!

Myth 3 – Anti-ageing creams are only designed for older people.


Anti-ageing creams should be used alongside SPF as part of a structured skincare routine from the early 20s! Yes. 20s!! As we hit our 20s our collagen and elastin production decreases, laying the groundwork for sagging and fine line and wrinkles. Used along side SPF we can protect our skin from early ageing on the inside and against the sun, encouraging a youthful glow for longer. Prevention is better than cure!

Myth 4 – Gel and acrylics ruin your nails.


It’s commonly believed that gel and acrylics can damage your natural nails. With correct application and removal, gel and acrylic can actually strengthen your natural nails and promote growth!

Myth 5 – Make up causes breakouts.


Make up itself does not cause breakouts! What causes breakouts is not removing make up properly or cleaning your brushes! If you don’t clean your skin properly the make up will clog your pores and bacteria will flourish, causing spots and blackheads. Using make up brushes provides better application, but when is the last time you cleaned them? They go on your face, in the make up, on the side and repeat and that bacteria sits in the bristles providing a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If that isn’t the perfect reason to run off and give them a good clean right now I don’t know what is!

One final debunking…

 Myth 6 – Only older women get random undesirable hairs.


Hormones control our hair growth and whilst you often see older ladies with hair on their chin it is not exclusive to age. It can effect up to 10% of ladies and can be due to a variety of reasons such as hormones, pregnancy, menopause or medical conditions such as PCOS. Hairs can sprout anywhere from the chin, upper lip or even the nipples. So… Whilst it can be a huge cause of embarrassment for many, you are not alone and this is totally normal!

If you can think of any other myths you would like debunked just let us know!

Written by Madison