Your brows can completely change the way you look, but did you know your brows are more than just beautiful arches that frame your gorgeous face? 


Here are some facts about brows that you maybe didn’t know!


1. Brows help us see

They prevent bodily fluids going into the eyes. This is why it’s important the brow has an arch because the arch itself diverts the liquid down the sides of the face and away from the eyes. 


2. Brows have a lifespan

Brows have a lifespan of 4 months from the time each hair falls out and a brand new one grows in it’s place.


3. Stress can affect growth

When we are stressed, our natural response is rub our foreheads or our eyebrows, but constant rubbing of the brow can actually cause patchy growth. 


4. Brows CAN grow back

Brows grow back MOST of the time but it also depends a lot on age and health. Patience and maintenance and possible diet changes can all help in growing the hairs back.


5. ‘My hair grows quicker in summer’

This is actually true, and it’s the same for your eyebrows. They grow quicker in the summer months because we are more active and out in the sun more. They slow down in winter because we are less active. This is important to bare in mind when waiting for sparse areas to grow back, as it’s more likely to happen in warmer months. 


6. Brows have cowlicks

Yes.. that’s right. Your brow can actually have a cowlick. Making it difficult to tame and style. Do NOT be tempted to pluck it out though, you can attempt to tame it by popping a bit of brow gel (or Vaseline) on the area and combing it through with a brow brush.


7. Hair follicles try to recover themselves

When your hairs are removed, the hair follicles attempt to recover themselves by swelling. So if you notice small red bumps right after hair removal, it’s likely that this is what is happening and it will go down on their own after a few hours, but remember not to apply any product to them. However if you notice any bumps a couple of days after, this is more than likely a breakout. 


Fun fact…

The Mona Lisa doesn’t have brows


… I bet you’re googling that now aren’t you?

Written by our Brow Specialist – Mariah