Our Creche Facility

Keeping your child entertained at B-U Kids


Within the building we have a creche facility called B-U Kids.  At B-Unique we totally understand the struggles that come with being a parent/carer as well as how much self sacrifice you have to endure on a daily basis. Gone are the days of flitting to the salon for a relaxing treatment, now it’s all about keeping your child entertained whilst you try to indulge.

It’s become a well known problem that we can all relate to when you have a long awaited appointment at your local salon, but you can’t find a babysitter.

As a mother herself, owner Jamie-Lee has set up a creche facility not only to the customers of B-Unique but the public in local and surrounding areas. You are now able to enjoy a pamper experience, without the day being on a par with a military operation. Our creche is fully supervised which is the perfect place to drop your child(ren) whilst you chill out, have a break away from being a parent/carer, and just go back to being ‘you’.

Our supervised creche caters for ages 3 months – 8 years whilst ensuring an educational and stimulating environment for all. For your peace of mind your little ones will be cared for by our qualified, DBS registered and Paediatric First Aid trained professionals


Creche prices

For customers staying on site:

  • Each child can stay a maximum of 4 hours
  • The creche is £2.50 for all salon users 
  • You are able to have frequent check in’s with your child using our onsite technology and CCTV programme
  • We encourage that the creche is booked at the same time that you book your beauty treatments

For customers going off site:

  • Each child can stay a maximum of 2 hours
  • Price: £5ph 

To use this service you must:

  • Fill in registration documents before leaving your child.
  • Sign your children in before leaving and then sign them out when collected
  • Payment must be made upon booking.
  • Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation otherwise the full price will be charged.
  • Must leave an emergency number and contact name.
Take Note

The creche is separate and isolated from the main salon and therefore has it’s own entrance and toilet facilities.

Please note there is a no child policy in the salon.

The welfare of the children is paramount and any child suffering from any illness will, at the discretion of the Crèche Supervisor, not be admitted.

Parents are actively encouraged to ensure their children are settled prior to leaving them and any specific requirements, fears or concerns should be fully discussed with the staff.

Parents are welcome to provide refreshment for their child whilst in the Crèche and the staff will assist as required.

Every effort will be made to accommodate children with special needs and parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns or requirements with our Crèche staff.

Any accidents or incidents occurring whilst the child is in the Crèche will be recorded and reported to the parent on their return.

Any existing injuries will also be recorded in order to fulfil our Child Protection responsibilities.

Various activities are provided for your children whilst in the Crèche however no specific educational objectives will be offered due to the short time and irregular attendance of most children.

Medication can only be administered with full written consent from the named guardian.

In the event of non-collection, the supervisor will make every effort to contact the designated parent or guardian.

Child protection
All staff who supervise children are DBS checked and also trained to recognize signs of child abuse.The team will work in accordance with the Children’s Act and local authority guidelines and liaise with outside agencies if abuse of any kind is suspected.