At B-Unique, we fully understand the struggles that come with day-to-day life so we endeavour to provide you with as much support, help and guidance as possible. We continue to strive to add value and improve the service we offer to you, so we are delighted to announce a new and exciting experience to transform your health, wellbeing & lifestyle.

Have you noticed that following your beauty appointments you feel on top of the world for a few days, maybe even a week? However, after this initial period ends, you begin to slip back into feeling sluggish, tired and dispirited … This is where our fresh, new service comes in!

How are we going to help you feel elated and better in your own skin every day, not just after appointments? We know how tough it can be not knowing who to talk to or where to even begin making positive changes in your life…

Well, we can now introduce Caerey – The Wellness Coach.

Alongside the launch of The Soul Sanctuary – providing you with a variety of complimentary holistic therapies, we are so excited to announce this collaboration with The Wellness Coach. As a wellness coach and therapist, Caerey helps people achieve their personal health, fitness & wellbeing goals by delivering on his three pillars of wellness – Mindset, Nutrition & Exercise.

Caerey works closely with you and will devise a bespoke plan that is fully personal to you, your goals and lifestyle. Caerey will take into account all of your old habits and limiting beliefs and install a new confidence in you and a renewed energy for life. There are no faddy diets or generic workouts here, Caerey works holistically and has a step-by-step approach to helping you achieve all of your personal goals and aspirations.

As I’m sat here writing this, I know I’ve often told myself I’ll stop ‘yoyo dieting’ and finally get leaner,  but have I ever achieved it? Unfortunately, absolutely not!  I know now that although my intentions were good, I was lacking the correct mindset, support and knowledge to come away from a ‘quick fix’ mentality and finally make the lifestyle changes I really needed. This is where Caerey shines … He starts with your mindset, clearing away old myths and instead helps you to focus on what really matters. His life coaching abilities and therapy skills will help you build confidence in the kitchen, during exercise and most importantly, within yourself. Caerey will develop a bespoke a plan that is completely specific to you and what you’re trying to achieve – he is here to listen and help.

As happy as I am to introduce you all to The Wellness Coach … the good news doesn’t end there! This collaboration means that B-Unique & The Wellness Coach are combining their abilities and shared love of wanting to help people become happier in the short and long term and will be announcing the launch of our very own full Mind & Body transformation programme very soon! A programme that’s guaranteed to change your life for the better. Watch this space …

This is going to be a game changer for so many people so send us an Email now to let us know you’re interested or to book a discovery call and let’s see how The Wellness Coach can help you.